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Look up the word “ion” in the dictionary and the common definition given is that of “an atom or molecule having lost or gained one or more electrons, giving it a positive or negative electrical charge.”, is a daily webzine/blog/portal site featuring daily news, reviews, previews and interviews for American independent film, world cinema, documentary film and the world film festival scene.

IONCINEMA.COM aims at providing a critical, analytic approach to film journalism, and we are dedicated to providing a site that is rich in information, sharp in its dissection of the works discussed on the site and we hope to give “electrical charges” to the films and filmmakers that we feel you should include in your appreciation of the 7th art.

The projectionist cuts the suspense by dissolving the unnatural light into darkness. Sitting in an upright position and anticipating for the blank screen to be filled with details that transport you to someone else’s universe, you peel your senses towards processing the familiar or unfamiliar narrative. It becomes an experience you want to repeat furiously. The cinema experience transcends social and cultural differences and is one that speaks the same mother tongue. While our name describes our need to add to the argument, our motto “We Heart/Love Subtitles” is a clear indication of the passion we have for cinema in all four corners of the globe.

We are supported by those who read us and those who write for us. Thank you for visiting and supporting this site!

Mission Statement cares about film & filmmakers.

Previews: Arguably, there are more important things in life than this hybrid between commerce and the arts. But clearly for many out there, cinema is the PB&J to our mental, psychological and emotional survival and health. Our goal here at is to create awareness and to promote discussion on the sort of films that you will come to cherish – some of these projects sometimes get lost in the shuffle, especially in a hostile, cannibalizing environment in which studios release their films.

News: Visit us daily for our news, reviews, interviews and special reports and special features, as our team of writers all of whom are true cinephiles and film addicts like yourselves sort through the industry headlines and filter out the best from the film world.

Reviews: With regards to our film critiques – they are made with the intention to provide one opinion — a voice that offers insight into selected works which are unique and original. As a critic, we try to establish the nature of the film’s politics by addressing the content as well as the implicit or explicit context, and our reviews try to differentiate the film’s point of view along a spectrum that takes into consideration film history, auteurism and contemporary treatment of themes, emotions, atmosphere, imagery, techniques and technology. We offer star ratings only to make quick reference points, but our intention is to try and say more than why like or dislike an oeuvre: we want to analyze it, turn it upside down and regurgitate it through description, interpretation and evaluation.

Thank you for visiting and supporting this site!

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